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Organizational Training

SELECTSKILLS has partnered with many local youth hockey programs & their Board of Directors to assist in structuring a productive skills program.  Many of the programs we work with have realized the benefit and importance of an integrated skills program throuhgout their season.  Whether you are trying to establish a repetitive & progressive "Skills Night" throughout the entire season or random skills sessions to accomodate ice availability, we will work around your schedule.  The skills program can be designed for overall core skill stations or Power Skating Format.  Each session is customized to age, ability and, of course, feedback from you.  If you would like to establish or revamp a skills program for your organization or if you would like to speak with one of the programs we assist, please email    

Coaches Seminars

Training your players without educating your coaches can be extremely counter- productive.  It is great to see youth hockey thru professional coaches implementing core skills training into their practice plan.  Some coaches are recycling some great drills from the internet, books or local skills programs, but if they don't understand the key focus points that they should be teaching the skaters, then the drill is not productive.  Drills should never explained to a child as "skate from cone to another".  Coaches should be explaining which core skills will be worked on, how they will be improved, & why the drill is important.

SELECTSKILLS always recommends that organizations take advantage of our coaches seminars.  We go on-ice and walk through a skills sessions drill-by-drill until your coaches understand the drills for what they are intended to do.  The coaches seminars can also be done during a standard skills session so that coaches can work with players they are familiar with.                  

Organizational Training Camps

Camp Code Location Dates Time Cost  
Skills Program View Description18WINT-VIP1Various Fri from Jan 19 to Jan 26, 20184:30pm - 5:30pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description18WINT-MYH Medford - Flynn Rink Fri from Dec 1 to Feb 16, 20186:00pm - 8:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description17FALL-VIP4Revere - Cronin Rink Mon from Nov 13 to Nov 20, 20177:30pm - 8:30pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description18WINT-AGAWAMS. Hamilton - Pingree Sat from Nov 4 to Mar 17, 20188:50am - 10:50amN/AReserved
Skills Program View Description17FALL-CTOWNCharlestown - Emmons-Horigan-O'Neil Rink Mon from Oct 16 to Feb 12, 20186:00pm - 9:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description17FALL-VIP2Saugus - Hockeytown USA Thu from Sep 14 to Nov 16, 20174:10pm - 5:10pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description17FALL-VIP3Cambridge - Gore Street Rink Thu from Sep 14 to Nov 16, 20176:00pm - 8:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description17FALL-VIP1Lynn - Connery Rink Wed from Sep 13 to Nov 22, 20178:00pm - 10:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description17FALL-TYHNewburyport - Graf Rink Tue from Sep 12 to Nov 21, 20177:00pm - 9:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description17FALL-MARBYHLynn - Connery Rink Mon from Sep 11 to Nov 20, 20175:00pm - 9:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description17FALL-MYHMedford - Flynn Rink Fri from Sep 8 to Nov 24, 20175:00pm - 7:00pmN/AClosed
BOOT CAMP View Description17SUM-VIPBOOTSaugus - Hockeytown USA Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu from Aug 21 to Aug 31, 20174:45pm - 6:45pm
(5:20pm - 7:20pm on Mon)
(4:45pm - 6:45pm on Thu)
Tryouts View Description17WINT-TYHNewburyport - Graf Rink Mon from Mar 13 to Mar 21, 20176:00pm - 9:00pmN/AClosed
Tryouts View Description17WINT-CTOWNTRYCharlestown - Emmons-Horigan-O'Neil Rink Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu from Mar 6 to Mar 9, 20176:00pm - 9:00pmN/AClosed
Tryouts View Description17WINT-VIPTRYVarious Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun from Mar 6 to Mar 22, 20174:40pm - 6:40pm
(5:30pm - 7:30pm on Mon)
(7:30pm - 9:30pm on Tue)
(6:15pm - 8:15pm on Wed)
(7:30pm - 9:30pm on Thu)
(7:30pm - 9:30pm on Fri)
(5:10pm - 7:10pm on Sat)
(4:40pm - 6:40pm on Sun)
Skills Program View Description17WINT-PYHPeabody - McVan/O'Keefe Rink Thu from Mar 2 to Mar 16, 20177:15pm - 9:15pmN/AClosed
TRYOUTS View Description17WINT-MYHTRYMedford - Flynn Rink Mon and Fri from Feb 27 to Mar 13, 20176:00pm - 10:00pm
(6:00pm - 10:00pm on Fri)
Skills Program View Description17WINT-VIP2Peabody - Overtime Rink Wed from Dec 28 to Mar 1, 20177:30pm - 8:30pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description17WINT-VIP3Lynn - Connery Rink Wed from Dec 14 to Feb 22, 20178:00pm - 10:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description17WINT-VIPNorth End - Steriti Mon from Nov 21 to Feb 27, 20176:00pm - 8:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description16FALL-CTOWNCharlestown - Emmons-Horigan-O'Neil Rink Mon from Sep 19 to Feb 13, 20176:00pm - 9:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description16FALL-PYHPeabody - McVan/O'Keefe Rink Thu from Sep 15 to Nov 17, 20167:15pm - 9:15pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description16FALL-TYHNewburyport - Graf Rink Tue from Sep 13 to Nov 22, 20167:00pm - 9:00pmN/AClosed
Skating Program View Description16FALL-MARBYHLynn - Connery Rink Wed from Sep 12 to Nov 23, 20165:00pm - 10:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description16FALL-AYHNewburyport - Graf Rink Mon from Sep 12 to Nov 21, 20165:00pm - 7:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description16FALL-MYHMedford - Flynn Rink Fri from Sep 9 to Feb 17, 20175:00pm - 7:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description16FALL-MASYHEssex Sports Center Thu from Sep 8 to Mar 30, 20175:00pm - 7:00pmN/AClosed
Skills Program View Description16FALL-VIPVarious Sun from Sep 1 to Nov 23, 2016N/AN/AClosed
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